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Ordsall Chord creates a new Landmark

The Ordsall Chord project reached a major milestone this week when two giant steel arches, weighing 600 tonnes,  were lifted into position on a new bridge which will improve connectivity in Manchester and the north of England. 

The chord is an integral part of Network Rail’s Great North Rail Project.  Once completed by December 2017, it will provide new and direct links to Manchester Airport, reduce congestion at Manchester Piccadilly and link Piccadilly and Victoria, Manchester’s two main stations, for the first time.

The arches, which were designed by architect Peter Jenkins from BDP and designers from Mott MacDonald, were lifted into place across the River Irwell using one of the largest cranes in Europe.

The new arches are now in their permanent home alongside Stephenson’s bridge, where the first passenger railway was born.  Allan Parker from Network Rail said: “This latest piece of work signifies we are getting ever closer to the Ordsall Chord being completed. I have been working on this project from the very beginning and I am extremely proud of every milestone we have achieved. However, the sight of the arches elevated over the River Irwell was very special and will live long in my memory.”

Site-Eye has been involved with the project since mid-2015 and has seen the site progress from a series of carparks to one of the major engineering feats of the last few years. Site-Eye is proud to be time-lapse filming such a monumental and historical engineering project. 

Posted by Andre at 11:59 on 23/02/2017

We are hiring

‘Site-Eye, the UK’s leading time-lapse production company is delighted to be able to offer a fantastic job opportunity. We are looking to recruit a Time-lapse Camera Technician for our Southern Office. Please visit this page for more information and to download an application form:

Posted by Gareth at 12:09 on 30/01/2017

Old Royal Naval College Painted Hall Time-Lapse

We are pleased to be involved in an £8m conservation project with great cultural importance at the Old Royal Naval College in London, Greenwich. The project aims to conserve the beautiful Baroque artwork on the ceiling and walls of the Painted Hall. Restoring them back to their original splendour.  

Painted by Sir James Thornhill in the early 18th century, The Painted Hall is one of Europe’s most important architectural interiors and is considered to be the greatest achievement of English Baroque art. 

We have had a 4K time-lapse camera filming inside the Painted Hall for a number of months. Capturing the installation of wall-to-wall scaffolding that will enable the construction of a viewing platform and allow the conservation and restoration work to begin.

The project also involves the installation of state of the art lighting and sophisticated environmental systems to help protect the painting for future generations.

William Palin, Conservation Director says: “The Painted Hall is one of Britain’s greatest architectural and artistic treasures, but it is too little known. Central to this project is cutting-edge conservation and the highest curatorial standards.  These will give the Painted Hall the national and international prominence it deserves, providing a transformed and enriched visitor experience and a sustainable future for this 300-year old masterpiece.”

You can see a photograph of the famous Painted Hall here, showing the work in progress, the artworks and the magnificent scale of the room.

For further information please visit:

Posted by Andre at 11:17 on 20/01/2017

DPWorld London Gateway - Berth Three Construction

Earlier this year we completed the filming of a monumental port project alongside the river Thames using our state of the art time-lapse photography.

‘Berth Three’ is the latest addition to the DPWorld London Gateway Port situated just 25 miles east of central London. The port already consisted of two major ‘berths’ that are used for loading and un-loading cargo from all over the world, the addition of a third berth will greatly increase the capacity and efficiency.

Boasting some of the UK’s most technically advanced quay cranes, which were brought from China and stand at the same height as the London Eye, the port is bringing the biggest ships of the day back to the UK.

Site Eye has captured this long-term project as it’s sprung from the initial vast open landscape to slowly being filled with buildings and massive cranes as they arrived via the river. You can see a short version of the time-lapse film to the left.

To find out more about Berth Three and DP World London Gateway, please visit:

Posted by Andre at 12:53 on 20/12/2016

Make A Wish - Football Pitch

Site Eye is very proud to have been involved in a collaboration with Make-A-Wish® UK in the time-lapse filming of a new astroturf football pitch in Carshalton, London for a very brave and special young boy called Louis.

Nine year old Louis was a happy and dedicated local football player when he was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour in 2015. The treatment included surgery to remove the tumour along with his pituitary gland, which means he no longer produces his own hormones and now needs regular medication. The good news is that the surgery to remove the tumour was successful but it damaged his optic nerve so Louis now has limited vision in his right eye.

Louis is back studying now but needs medication three times a day and his carers at school and family carry an emergency injection with them at all times. It is vital for the family to have him nearby and the idea of a small football pitch in the back garden (one of his dreams since early childhood) enables his busy parent and two sisters to keep a close eye on him while he is having fun and learning how to grow more independently.

The pitch was built by Make-A-Wish UK with the help of donations and the local community. Louis is now able to have his friends around and play football after school and at weekends. Site Eye was happy to be present documenting the construction of the astroturf pitch. You can see the time-lapse film on the left.

Make-A-Wish grants magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. The charity was founded in the UK in 1986. Registered charity number: 295672/SC037479

Posted by Andre at 11:38 on 07/12/2016